Saturday October 20th 2012

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When Michael Winston was diagnosed with ALS at the young age of 24, friends and family were stunned that such a young person could be affected by such a tragic, terminal disease. While this dreadful disease typically affects people over the age of forty, recently increasing numbers of young people are being diagnosed. From diagnosis to death, life expectancy is typically two to five years. Patients diagnosed typically suffer gradual and devastating weakness and eventual total paralysis of the body while the brain itself continues to function normally. Hopelessly trapped in a body that cannot function, victims suffer great physical and emotional trauma.

Michael was diagnosed on October 1st, 2008. As this disease progresses and symptoms continue to weaken his entire body, Michael remains committed to bringing awareness to ALS by sharing his story and through fundraising. Michael’s strength and courage inspired friends and family to create Winning for Winston (W4W), a fundraising group dedicated to finding treatment and a cure for ALS. Michael also serves as an Ambassador to Young Faces of ALS, a branch of ALS TDI. YFALS is a community and forum created for young people diagnosed with ALS.